Tweed Jacket – to perfection

It is said – Rome wasn’t built in a day. This is also true for me newly arrived Doctor Who tweed jacket.

After seeing Matt Smith the first time as „The Doctor“ in 2010, I wanted to have a tweed jacket. Now, 5 years later, I finaly got one. To be honest, it is a very spezial one. The jacket is, to the smallest detail, identical with the one Matt Smith is wearing in Doctor Who.

How is this possible?

I got lucky. After some reserch, I found the blog of Steve Ricks. He is not only a very good bespoke tailor, but also a master in finding the materials needet to replicate Doctor Who outfits. In the case of my tweed jacket he got his hands on the hand-woven shetland tweed needed for the replica.

I have to say the jacket is a master piece. Everything is sewn together perfectly and materials used are high quality. The tweed looks and feels incredible in real life.  You can feel that everything is hand-crafted.

I would order one again and maybe I will as soon as I have the money needed.

Better pictures will follow…





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